Friday, April 16, 2010

Bread of life

My mother is visiting this week.
and I am making bread!
First time ever.
As a mormon housewife, this is a hard fact to face, seeing as probably every woman on my block has a loaf of home-made bread waiting on their counter.

Well, I always have adored my mom's homemade bread and I am going to learn how to make it. But first, of course, I went with a more gourmet and complicated recipe.
French baguettes.
Yumm... the crusty french bread sound, and the toast...delish.

Okay, enough about food.
Smith is going to get babysat over night for the first time ever. I am so glad my mamma came up to do this little act of service for my Bryce and I. We haven't spent a single night away from him since he's been born. I know this is pretty common for most parents not to spend the night away from their kids, so don't think that I am saying it's totally crazy that we haven't. But the fact is, she offered to babysit him over night and I gladly said "yes!"

Today is the love of my life's Birthday! Yeah Bryce you are 28...and how cute are you? I just love you sweatheart, there is no one in this world that will ever take your place, as I have seriously put so many times before, "we are soul-mates!" and then you laugh, and then I get a sad look on my face and I say,"but seriously, we are." And seriously sweatheart, we are.
You are now 28, and older than me until July then I will be 28 as well, but until then you can boss me around and say, "well, I am older than you so you have to do it."

So cheers to today... and all the rest that we will have together!