Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Abbey

I love it here!

Bryce and I came here on Christmas Eve and I was meaning to post this a while ago and when I saw pictures I had to post.

There is an Abbey a little down the hill from where we live and it is great. My sister Laura found wanted to eat here for her birthday, so we all came here and the food was great. All the food is raised on the farm at the abbey and all the food is prepared by chefs in a beautiful rustic lodge.

Bryce and I decided to come here for Christmas Eve, we were going to go earlier but didn't have the chance because of our little Bear. It is beyond beautiful inside, so we nestled in the cute little lodge and I had a hot chocolate. It was the best hot chocolate yet.

Okay, so for an update, the weather has been nice. It is seemingly harder to get the belly down after pregnancy numero dos. I melt every time Bear looks at me. Smith is still angelic as ever and loves to touch Bear. I have a painting I am going to post soon, almost finished with it.

Why do people knock down Lemons. Like they call a bad car a lemon and when life hands you lemons make lemonade? I love lemons, you can slice them and put them in your water, make the most delicious desserts with them. Use the zest and juice for delicious chicken and seafood, you can put it soups and whatever. Lemons are great, just had to put my two cents in about lemons. So I guess I would call a bad car a papaya, (yucky papaya, don't like) and I guess when life hands you a papaya, give it away! (That's what I did on my mission)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Bear and SMith movie.

Here are some videos from this past month.