Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Birth in Germany

Some of you have already seen pictures of me in the hospital and commented saying I looked beautiful right after I had my baby, well, during the birth I was not a beauty. It was a gird your loins and throw your sweaty hair in a rubberband affair.
The German Midwives were beautiful and magnificent. They were dedicated to me having a vaginal birth. My first birth was a C-Section and I was determined to have a natural birth this time. My midwives were on board with me as we worked together.
When I walked into the hospital going through contractions with Smith about 3 years ago, I was dialated to an 8 and quickly was a 9. I was violent and moaning and groaning, they opted for an epidural to calm me down so the baby would drop. No luck, what ended up dropping was Smiths heart rate and in I went for an emergency c-section. It was not planned and unexpected. Bryce was sad he couldn't be in the operating room for very long, he got to hold my hand for a little bit and then leave as soon as the baby was out. Even though Smith is amazing, and we did feel God's presence in the operating room that day, there was a sense of a missing experience that we were looking for and didn't find.
I walked into the hospital dialated at a 2 this time with Bear. And not too different than with Smith, with in 45 minutes I was at a 7, and after getting out of their birthing tub, I was at a 9. But the baby's head would not drop. Just like Smith. I was stuck birthing at a 9 for hours, screaming, and moaning and groaning. It wasn't too long until the midwife came in and said I needed an epidural to calm me down so the baby could drop (I was also screaming for one, so don't think I was an angel, I recall clawing the nurses legs and yelling "I am going to die!"). I got the epidural and when I was in the united states and got the epidural for Smith it was so powerful that you could just watch your contraction pass you by. But they did a more local epidural on me so I could feel everything, I was still walking around the room and feeling pain during contractions so I could push. Just dialed down a notch so I could think. But no luck, the baby's head would not drop. This is where the nurse looked me in straight in the face, ( I had my eyes closed for most of my birth) and said, "Beth you need to push as hard as you can or you will have to have a c-section, we are going to use the vacuum on you okay?" Now, I think in the U.S. using vacuum extraction is ancient history, but in europe it is very common.
There were about 5 midwives at the other end, one yelling in German, the others in english, to PUSH!!!!
After a double episiotomy and about 10 minutes of pushing my brains out, little Baron Bryce Taylor was BORN! I did it! A long sigh of relief came out of my mouth and my sweet wonderful Bryce was overwhelmed with joy as he hugged all the midwives, cut his son's cord, and wept with ecstasy. Bryce later told me it looked like a land mine went off down there.
Having experienced both kinds of births, having a vaginal birth is, in my opinion is the way to go. I loved the feeling of pushing him out. I loved knowing Bear and I worked hard together and we did it. We did it buddy. You and I. Me and you. I know we will continue to work together in life and be best friends. I love you Bear and Smith, you two are the apples of my eye.

This is me bout 3 weeks before my birth with my sister and her family, Laura came out to Germany to be my Doula, she was amazing, she had drinks with straws, frozen maxipads for after birth and essential oils and teas. She is amazing.

This picture is perfect because we had Bear on our anniversary....