Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Segnungs, Pustablume, and Exzema.

Segnung=Blessing in German.
Bear got his baby blessing and I loved it. Short and sweet. In the blessing my Bryce gave, he said that he will be loved by those who know him. And that is already true. I have loved having a little bundle of joy around the house. There are times when I am so deleriously tired that I will just be holding Bear and looking into outerspace and be totally blank...wait, I did that anyway before, so never mind.
Yesterday Bryce and I went to the school for special needs children called Pustablume. I was in shock of how amazing it was. We walked in and there was a teacher riding on the back of this special toy with a girl who couldn't walk. I just thought it was great that she wasn't pulling it or pushing it, she was actually riding on it with her. We had our interview with the head mistress and she took us on a tour. If I could design a school just for Smith, this is the school I would have in mind! It has an indoor pool, physical therapy room with a big trampoline, a big cafeteria, speech therapy, and 3 teachers per 6 students a class. I loved the tour. Smith and I even got to attend one of the classes for an hour. The teacher was the nicest person in the world. she was teaching the kids about what goes on in a bauernhof (farm) and making all the animal sounds for the kids. I think I love the idea of a swimming pool for SMith. He loves the water, so if he got to go to the pool during school, I think that would make him so happy! The school goes from 7:30-3:30 M-Th and on fridays till 11:30. I thought about that time frame and I was surprised how long he will be there for. I mean, going from all day everyday to afternoon and nights will be hard for me I think. I love my Smithy. Now that we have him on a schedual it is more predictable and we have a lot of time to play (which means physical therapy) but he doesn't know that, He just laughs the whole time. I get teary eyed just thinking about it. I know it will be the beast thing for SMith though. I remember on my mission in the Canary Islands, In my first area our service was to feed children with special needs and I was terrible at it, but my companion was amazing with these children. She talked with them, laughed with them and made them feel special. I hope there are people like that working witth Smith at this school, and I am sure there will be. As for my little Bear.
He has Exzema! I hate it! Smith had it too. It has been so stressful and hard to deal with, mostly because he wants to itch his face all the time. Nobody wants there baby to be in pain, it's just hard, and I know it will go away. I am nursing him so I have been on a restrictive diet no citrus (that one is a hard one for me, no chocolate, no cow dairy, no peanuts, no eggs. NOw, since these are doctors orders, I thought I would be suffering. But I have discovered sheep's cheese and I am in love. I am just fine, I still get to put cheese on things and eat cheese, so I am okay. I do have an unhealthy relationship to cheese, not a love/hate relationship, a pure addictive love relationship....that is what makes it unhealthy. Thank goodness for those goats and sheep out there. And I think I actually prefer the sheep cheese to cow cheese, right now anyway. These are little updates for now, I will be more creative the next time I write. Love yall.