Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Got One

Last night, to my dismay, I woke up to find Smith covered in throw up and hives.

Yeah, joys of mother-hood.

Poor little boy. I felt so sorry for him. We currently have our hot water turned off due to some remodeling, so i couldn't give him a bath. I just heated up some water on the stove and dabbed a wash cloth in the water, then washed off his face and shoulders. I yelled from Smith's room.

"Sweet heart. Come in here and look at Smith. I am worried!" I was worried. Underneath the lovely throw-up was big red and white hives and Smith was itching them like crazy.

"Can you go to the store and get some baby benidryl for me?" I asked. Hoping it wouldn't be inconvenient for him at midnight seeing he had to get up at six.

"Yeah." He just got his wallet and went to the store. He ended up calling me from the costumer service counter."Umm... the baby benidryl says not to give it to kids under the age of 2?"

So I told him to call me back in five minutes.

You test a lot of people's loyalty at midnight when you call them on the telephone.

First I called my Mom. No answer. Then I called my mother-in-law. No answer. Then I called my sister who lives in North Carolina. No answer. Then I called my mom again. No answer. So I called my Dad's cell phone. "What's up?" Yay! My Mom answered.

"Mom, Smith threw up everywhere and has hives, Bryce is at the store and is wondering what to do because the bottle of benidryl says it's only for kids 2-4 years old?"

"OKay, just give him under the lowest dose. He will be fine."

"Thanks Mom. Go back to bed. Love ya bye."

So to make a long story short. My Bryce came home with Baby Benidryl and SMith was fast asleep by the time Bryce got back. I hugged my Bryce tight as he walked through the door.
"Thank you so much. You will be blessed!"

He looked at me and said,"I don't want to be blessed anymore, I want Smith to be blessed."

I thought that was so sweet. And I thought,"I got one. I got a good one." a husband that is.


  1. look how grown up little smith is!!!!! i want to see you asap. next week is ridiculously busy. brennan broke out in hives last week. you should have called me;-) his hives started after church. by the next morning his entire body from diaper to ears was covered. not one particle of happy skin to be found. he was also itching all over. pediatrician said it was probably from a cold he had had the past week b/c viral colds will sometimes do that. prob not what smith had, but i was totally freaked out. thank goodness for benedryl. i called the pediatrician twice to make sure i was ok to give it to him b/c the bottle i bought was for 6 years and older. it was the cheapest one. two bucks. he slept so well once it kicked it. he was acting a bit intoxicated. i had to laugh. miss you:-)

  2. I agree you definately You Got a Good Husband. I'm glad I got one too. Moms are wonderful as well--they seem to know everything!

    I hope Smith is feeling better and you were able to know why he was throwing up with such a reaction.

  3. To not hear the phone? I must be a grandma now. Sorry I missed the call. Grandpa and I sure love our little Smithy! He's an angel! So glad there is medicine for hives and a stove to heat water. Thank goodness we weren't pioneers.

  4. found ya!

    so happy to see you today. and smith's smile made me smile so big! you've seen my cubicle now, don't have much to smile about from 8-5!


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