Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Smith wearing halloween Pj's in February)

Smith rarely matches.

Sometimes I care, like for church and for other events. But for the most part it's stripes and camo, or patterns that clash. I don't purposely seek clothes that don't match, I just grab a onsie, a shirt, pants and some socks. And if they happen to match then HALLELUJAH! One time our friends looked at Smith and said,"Beth, Smith matches way too much today." They later informed me that they look forward to Smith's outfits, and think it's cute.

Well, Smith matched yesterday for his appointment. For me anyway. He wore a celery green polo onsie with jeans. He did wear red socks with this outfit. But they are just socks right?

So when Smith looked like Elliot on E.T. with wires stuck to his head and chest, the nurse looked at Smith's outfit (me thinking that she is admiring how much he matched) looked at his socks and chuckled. I think she thought it was cute that he clashed so much. Red is opposite to green on the color wheel. Why didn't I think to put on some nice white socks that go with everything?

So today, he is going to wear Christmas pj's. Those always match.

And are always in style, no matter the time of year....right?


  1. so sad you didn't make it today!!! get better smith:-)

  2. I think Smith and Chloe are bosom buddies. Today for Church Chloe wore purple flower barrett, purple sequin headband. Sun yellow poke-a-dot sunflower summer dress, red ribbon tied around hips, tan nylons, and purple shiny slip on sling-backs with a cream sweater with pink and maroon flowers embroidery. Needless to say she started out really matching, but ended up with all the accessories that just didn't quite fit. One thing though, everyone is always waiting for the grand entrance of Chloe to see what she is wearing. (kind of reminds me of Kaylee) so you see non-matching, absolutely against society's norm, clashing of the patterns attire is well....genetic in the Taylor family.
    So glad you fit in!!!! :) Love you Beth!

  3. Yep! Christmas Jammers are ALWAYS in style!


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