Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We bought our house in October.
I had no idea that our little yard would bring us early spring flowers!


Undeniably my favorite flower. I do fancy the orange tulips best, but any color will do.

Tomorrow I am taking little Smitty into his Neurologist to try to diagnose him properly. I have mixed feelings on this subject. I am scared to medicate him because of the side effects, on the other hand, I would like to see him grow and learn. If the medication can help him develop then I think I am willing to take a chance. I have accepted Smith's disability in my life. My sister called me the other day and told me that a friend of hers lost her fight to cancer. She was only 31 and had 3 children and a husband. I pondered and morned for her family on this earth, with out a mother and a wife. My heart goes out to that family. Then I thought of my current situation and looked down at Smith who was kicking and smiling on the floor.

I don't have cancer.
I have a son, a happy son, with disabilities.

He is a blessing. And I didn't fully realize that until my sister told me that story. I am blessed to have Smith. He has helped me see the world differently, helped me to love differently.

No more woe is me.
Happy me.
Let the good times roll, (and Smith too...)

Let the tulips bloom and I am ready for you SPRING! Oh, so ready!


  1. "Open your eyes, open your hearts, and open your arms." Your "About Me" quote suits you very well.

    Smith is a lucky boy to have you for his mom, just as you are lucky to have him.


  2. what did the doc say??? i want to come see your tulips, when can we come?

  3. Beth, I love you so much! I can't tell you how inspiring you are. You need to understand that it is okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes, and it is also okay to admit that things are hard. But, you do it so gracefully and so beautifully. You are a wonderful person, and an extraordinary mother and wife. I think as long as you pray about it and feel good about it, then the medication will do what it is supposed to do for him. I am so hopeful for you guys. What a blessing it will be to see your baby possibly walk and develop. You should talk to Laura about any potential side effects and see what herbs she could recommend for him.

    I love love love you and hope that things go well with Neurologist!


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