Friday, February 26, 2010


Dr. Sokonju called me yesterday.

She said she had results for Smith.

I was skeptical, thinking, "well, another test, with out any sign of a problem."

She told me she was glad we did the test because it was.....ABNORMAL!

I was so happy! I have been waiting for a test to come out abnormal, through all the testing they have done and now WHAM! We got one. This means they have something to go off of, she says.

So the test. It tested his brain waves, seeing if he had any seizures or sensory disorders. Dr. Sokonju said that because the test was abnormal we have a paved road to go down and hopefully find some concrete answers.

Whatever Smith has, I hope we can help him even more. He is such a dear boy, he literally smiles all day long. How can I not smile back? He rolls over about 3-5 times a day, and he touches his feet lightly with his fingers. He's my little buddy.

Everyone adores Smith.

Smith, I adore you. I love you. Get better soon. I am here to help every minute of everyday.
love, Mom.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

(Smith wearing halloween Pj's in February)

Smith rarely matches.

Sometimes I care, like for church and for other events. But for the most part it's stripes and camo, or patterns that clash. I don't purposely seek clothes that don't match, I just grab a onsie, a shirt, pants and some socks. And if they happen to match then HALLELUJAH! One time our friends looked at Smith and said,"Beth, Smith matches way too much today." They later informed me that they look forward to Smith's outfits, and think it's cute.

Well, Smith matched yesterday for his appointment. For me anyway. He wore a celery green polo onsie with jeans. He did wear red socks with this outfit. But they are just socks right?

So when Smith looked like Elliot on E.T. with wires stuck to his head and chest, the nurse looked at Smith's outfit (me thinking that she is admiring how much he matched) looked at his socks and chuckled. I think she thought it was cute that he clashed so much. Red is opposite to green on the color wheel. Why didn't I think to put on some nice white socks that go with everything?

So today, he is going to wear Christmas pj's. Those always match.

And are always in style, no matter the time of year....right?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar...... wow.

(I look just like her don't you think? All I need is black braids and blue skin... how do I do that?)

The reason I am writing about the movie Avatar is because, after you have children, going to the movies is a HUGE event. So of course, being a huge event for my Bryce and I..... I have to write about this movie.

Here it goes.


The eye-candy was amazing. The graphics were amazing. The 3-D glasses were awesome (Bryce would look at me and pull his glasses down his nose and wink at me during the movie, it was cute.)

Over all I felt the story line was lacking. How could a former marine master the art of being an avatar after 3 months, and do it better than the whole tribe of native blue people? A little unbelievable. But, why did I leave the theater feeling entertained, and getting my moneys worth? I don't know. But what I do know, is I want to fly on one of those cool looking dragon birds someday. That would be fun.

Has anyone heard of the support groups across the country for people that are depressed because life isn't like it is on the planet for the Avatars.

I am glad life isn't like it is with the Avatars. Granted. I would like one of those killer bodies that those Avatars have.

I like life, it is beautiful, and God created the whole thing. And there are plenty of movies that celebrate this beautiful world. I can't think of any right now, but there are. And who needs a movie to know how amazing this world is... right? Just going on a run the other day I looked up and saw the Wasatch Mountains covered in snow with the tops of the mountains sheltered with misty clouds. I just smiled and breathed in the cold air. It was nice. And beautiful.

So anyway, back to the movie.

It made me sad that people think America is made up of stupid meat heads that only know how to pump iron and blow stuff up. Also that America only cares about money, not life.

Why does James Cameron get to label us all as plastic polluting losers? Well, I am lucky to be a citizen of this country and I am happy that plastic is around because it saves lives everyday. I am so happy that we have an army defending our country everyday, and I am happy to say I support our troops. I just shriveled at what the army thought of the movie Avatar. And if it means anything to anyone that has served our country, I am sorry that you had to see it.

When all the hoora is done and over with about the movie it will be just as dumb as Titanic. Well, maybe not as quite. I still kind of liked the magical world....of course.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


(this is called a light box... yes scary! one of smith's therapists gave it to him and it comes with all different shapes and colors.... boy did I have fun. I rummaged through all the accessories and found these shapes.... really what were they thinking, are her nostrils off to anyone?)

Wow... it's been, well.... WAy too long!

Smith is doing so well, he started to roll over and that has made a huge SMILE on my face.
He is going in for some more procedures next Wednesday. Good ole' Primary Children's, gotta love that place. They are measuring his brain waves. Doesn't that sound like Science fiction to anyone? Sometimes Smith's life feels like Science fiction. I saw an episode of a for real nerd alien show (yes, admittedly so, I love Alien shows) and the subject matter was about a society of people living on a different planet where all the children are born with so much intelligence that when the children reach about 8 years old, give all of their knowledge to the adults, leaving the children vegetable like.

I promise, this is going somewhere.

I thought for a moment about Smith, though not vegetable like at all, that maybe he gave his knowledge to someone else before he came down to earth, maybe, not totally possible, but it's a nice thought.

As for me, I am getting ready for Valentines Day. A holiday I really wasn't interested or involved my self in until I met my Bryce. Now I LOVE IT! Chocolate dipped strawberries, yummy dinner for two and a moment just for "us". Us and always is our motto, we have it written under a framed picture of us in our home. I love it. Instead of "me and now", it is "us and always."

Well, this is Beth, signing off.... and I promise to return, very soon, none of this two month break business.....