Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Your Wrinkles

I was driving and listening to the radio.  Normally when I do that I block out the little blurps of news between songs, but a story caught my attention.  

It was about a man and a woman both 101 years of age and married for, get this, 81 years.  
The man died yesterday of old age holding his wife's hand.

It made me think of My Bryce and how much I love him, and how I would love to live to see him reach 101 years old.

I can just imagine intertwining our fingers and holding each other's wrinkly hands, walking down a path and chuckling about something like our dishwasher not working that day.

I will always be able to look into his eyes, no matter how old he is, and see the same beautiful hazel color as when we first met.  I fall in love with him everyday and I am so glad I fell again today. 

Thank you Sweet heart.

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  1. Ahhh Beth that made me tear up a bit. You are so so sweet and such a romantic I love you!


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