Sunday, September 19, 2010

Angel Man

As of two days ago we know.

It feels good to know. Finally know. What am I talking about?....... it feels GREAT!

Dr. Botto (Smith's Geneticist) called me and told me, "the search is over." Smith's 15th chromosome is missing which means he has a rare genetic disorder called, get this, Angelman's Syndrome. Now, anyone who knows Smith can testify to the fact he is an angel, and apparently these special people with this syndrome have an "angel like" demeanor. It just so happens that the man who founded this disorder, his last name is Angelman. As Bryce and I read about his disorder, tears came to our eyes because we were actually reading real symptoms, we were saying things like, "Thats why! I get it." It feels so good to know, really know. We always were asking what Smith was smiling at, what he was laughing at, and why he was happy all the time. All these things are traits of a person affected with Angelman's.
Well, Smith. Your dad and I are in it for the long hall. We will always be here for you, to take care of you and enjoy you, for the rest of your can count on that! So here's to our Angel... Smith David taylor. It is a truly momentous occasion.


  1. It must be comforting to know. I wish you the best in allowing Smith to bring a taste of heaven into your life every day. We love you guys!

  2. I am so grateful to know you finally have an answer to all the questions you've gone through over the last two years. I'll say it again: Smith is so blessed to have such wonderful parents who I know love him so much. You are such an example of perservierance and faith.

  3. I'm so glad you have found answers! Love you!

  4. FINALLY!!! I was so glad you called this weekend to share. One for team TAYLOR!

  5. So glad you found some answers! He really does look like an angel, so precious!

  6. Oh Beth, I'm so glad! That angel of a boy has an angel of a mama


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