Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basking in your Child's Light

There are many times I try to figure my son out.
I think, why is he doing that? Is this a symptom? What is he doing? Why? How? And so on...
I am sure no matter what our children have, from Angelman's to ADD, we are trying to figure our children out.

The other day, I was watching Smith as he was laying on his back babbling, and rolling, the first thing that came to my head was, "is this what most children with Angelman's do?" Then I quickly let that thought go, because I realized wasn't enjoying my child. I was busy being caught up in figuring him out and wasn't simply enjoying him. So I laid down beside him and tickled him and had fun, with no thought of any symptom or anything. I was basking in Smith's light. And how bright it is! I think as mothers we can all be surprised of how much light our children give off. And how much we need it!
Of course there are times where it is totally appropriate to try and "figure them out", but every once in a while, just let it all go and have some fun.

oh... and by the way, Smith is sitting up with no assistance for about a minute now... pretty exciting!
a sweet pic of daddy kissing little Smith on his way into an brain MRI.
we love Smith.... and each other, isn't that awesome?


  1. I love you Beth! You can try to figure me out if you want...good luck!

  2. Beth I love you! Your family is so sweet and I love reading and seeing how inspiring and special you and your family are! Little Smith is a lucky little man, and so precious looking!

  3. Beth, you are such a good mom! You inspire me to enjoy my children more just the way they are. Bryce and Smith are lucky to have you in their lives!

  4. Beth, thanks so much for sharing! What a sweet boy Smith is.

  5. you are so stinkin' cute, beth jane. i sure have an amazing best friend (and nephew!!!).


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