Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Goodies

So I finally did it. I made Christmas goodies and boy are they good! I got to knead dough and cut little shapes out, and use the kitchen of my lovely sister in law Tasia. It was so fun.

That is not why I am writing this post because I realize that Christmas Goodies are your family and friends and the remembrence that Christ is alive. He was born on this earth and continues to live this day! What a delicious Christmas Goodie it is to feel the love of Christ. So I will feast on delicious peppermint bark while I feast on the love of Christ. This time of year is supposed to be delicious in everyway.


  1. Nice presentation! These look wonderful.


  2. I love the colors! They look so good. And such a wonderful post! Family truly are Christmas Goodies!


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