Friday, September 16, 2011


I love to discover things.
I love to explore.
I even dare say, I love to travel.
Today we did all three. We walked down a beautiful street right in the heart of Heidelberg, that has a million shops, and when I say a million....I might be exagerating, but when you are there it feels like a million. With street perfmormers, old buildings, restaurants, clothing, books, Heidelberg University, You name it they got it! So I took random pictures of things that caught my eye.
Smith loved his adventure too. He is eagerly anticipating his baby brother, I think that we have telekaneses and he is excited for him to come. There is a part of me that is nervous, Bryce and I were talking on the train on our way to down town, and we are both excited for a new baby, but not expecting everything to be normal. I mean, it is so hard for me to imagine normal....that seems totally NOT normal for us.
We went to our first prenatal visit today and it was so nice. We actually got a 3-D image of our little boy. ANd I fell even more in love with him! I am so excited for everything! The birth, the baby, the adventure of being a mother of two here in this beautiful country! Yeah!

I love all the bikes in Heidelberg! MOst of them have cute carriers and baskets on them.

A cute stool out of a little shop that I thought was quite creative. It was cover in shells and buttons and random art.

Me and my two inside the tummy and one outside.

I know I have posted another picture of the bridge and castle, but this picture was so clear, and it was just too beautiful not to post.

So many fancy scarves! I just love it....

I have no idea what these would have tasted like, but they looked delicious.

It's hard to tell, but the flower design on the ceiling of the cathedral was breath-taking

Bryce and SMithy in the Cathedral.

I loved the colors nd design of this window in the Cathedral.

And last but not least I FINALLY had a duner. That is not how you spell it in German, but it is close to how you say it, and it was absolutely delicious! Was not dispointed in the slightest. I feel sorry to all who will not have an authentic Turkish Duner in their lifetime. IT was truely magnificence in my mouth.


  1. Beth, I found your blog through facebook and I love the updates!! We are expecting are second baby (boy) as well in oct (our little girl is two). I find you inspiring. Thank you....

  2. I am DYING over that duner. DYING!!!

  3. Thanks for blogging. I love seeing the sights and reading your words of love, fear, and joy. Have a wonderful adventure!

  4. Love it! Keep taking pictures! We love and miss you guys!


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