Friday, October 14, 2011

My Season

Everyone and everything has a season.
What is this season of mine?
What is there to learn right now in my life?
I decided that my season right now is being a mother. At home (u.s.a) I was lucky enough to have friends and family close, (which is wonderful). But here I will not have that everyday. I am living pretty much in the woods while Bryce is studying all day long. So what does my day consist of? What did it used to consist of? I used to plan a day date with a friend or family member, bring Smith along and shoot the breeze. I can make friends, I think that I have proven that to Heavenly Father, but now I think I need to focus on being a mom. A real mom. Not that SMith does not provide the opportunity to be a mother, he does in a different way. But now that I am going to have another little boy in my little home in Deutchland, I think I need to hone my motherly skills and not try to do things to get away from being a mother.
When I was younger I used to play house....actually not that much younger,, I think I stopped playing house when I was fourteen. I was a late bloomer in life. Anyway, whenever we were deciding who would be the mom, the sister, the baby, the dog, you know the normal domestic beings. I never wanted to be the mom. Never. I thought that sounded like the most boring roll to pretend to be, I always wanted to be the teenager or the baby or maybe the annoying dog, but never the mother. Now I find myself sometimes feeling the same way. Except, that it's not pretend anymore. I cannot escape motherhood like I could when I played house.
Motherhood didn't choose me, I chose motherhood.
And I am going to choose motherhood while I am here in Germany. I remember when I went visiting teaching before I came out here and I was talking to a lady from my ward and I asked her,"how are your kids so good." And she said,"they better be! I gave up so many day dates with my girlfriends because of naps and rides and sports." That really hit me, because I feel like I have never given up that stuff. It is time, my season to learn about motherhood. So any advice from all you mothers would be appreciated.


  1. You are wonderful!!!!! I miss our hang out days and can't wait for you to get home again. In the meantime, just remember, breakfast or dinner!!!!;)

  2. That was beautiful!!!!!! You made me cry reading it. You are a beautiful person!Im excited for you to start your new journey in Germany with your family.Miss you cuz!
    Love Jessie

  3. You are an amazing mother! I love you, I miss our playdates.
    Keep posting my dear- I hop you are feeling well. xoxo


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