Friday, March 30, 2012

Paul and Hal Concert

We have had a fabulous time hosting dinners for the Heidelberg sister missionaries since we have lived here. I have loved every second of it. Tonight Paul and Hal made an appearance! They rocked it. I especially loved listening to the accordian solos by Paul. Anyway, we had a good time.
Oh yeah, I forgot that I harmonize a few times during their lovely song and I must say I do a really good job!!!


  1. If you play the accordion no one will hire you in a rock and roll band....

  2. Klint and I just watched the video how fun for the boys to play together! Now when are Hal & Jane's next performance?!! Checkers?

  3. How fun! I love your little harmonies, Beth. This reminds me of Yo La Tengo in the late 90's or something. Haha!


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