Friday, March 16, 2012


So my Bryce and I decided for this week to be vacation week. Bryce has technically been out of school since Feburary but he has been busy working on papers still. He finally finished his last paper and I was able to convince him to put his pencils and papers away (really his laptop), and wisk his family away to some wonderful place like hmmmm... Heidelberg? We have been joking all week about it, Bryce will say to me, "Hey guess what?" really excitely, than I reply really inquisitively, "What?" Then he says really excitedly, "Surprise! I got us a cute cottage up in the mountains in Heidelberg Germany, it's going to be so fun." It has been a great vacation week, we went hiking up in the mountains, which is only two bus stops away from our house, then today we went to Speyer! A very cute little town outside of Heidelberg. We ate at a Cafe and Bryce got gelato! Germany is such a beautiful place, I am grateful that he is furthering his education out here. There are some essentials that I have learned since living out here. And I will list a few.
1. How to make my own chicken broth
2. How to use public transportation.
3. How to say "thank you".
4. How to love and be loved. ( not just by my husband)
1. Chicken broth is very important to me, do not under estimate the importance of numer 1. I use it a lot in my cooking and learning how to make it myself is just so liberating.
2. I really enjoy using public transportation and here is why. You don't have to strap your kids into seats with seatbelts, you can hold them the whole way, and just roll them in and out of the bus or bahn with out having to find a parking spot, take out your stroller, take them out of their seats and do it all over and over and over again. It is quite nice.
3.We have been given so much and been served so amazingly since we have arrived here. The church TRULY works miricles temporaly and spiritually. I could just tell these people, "no it's okay, we don't need you to do that." Instead I have to swallow my pride and just simply say, "thankyou." It is harder than you think. Especially when you feel spoiled by all these amazing friends and family who have helped us SO SO SO much. Heavenly Father truley does carry us in our toughest times. I used to jear at the poem "footprints", but I can't anymore, it is true, we have felt him carry us so many times, and it is during these times we need to reckognize and it and say thank you. Especially to our Heavenly Father.
4. How to love and be loved. I have felt so honered being these two darling boys' mother. Really? I passed the job interview for this? I am qualified for this position? How did that happen? But it did. They have changed me forever. Especially Smith. There are no words I have to describe the feeling I have when I hold him and look into his shining eyes and he smiles SO BIG from ear to ear. I don't wonder what he smiling about as much as I used to, now I think, " I must be doing something right." I still do A LOT of things wrong, but when you have a child with disabilities, especially one that cannot speak, you wonder if you are raising him right. It is in those moments when he is smiling in your arms that you get the answer. He is so much deeper than words can explain.
My rock, my passion, my best friend, the one who does it all. My Bryce. He rescues me. My wish is his command. I love him. I feel like we are millionaires every day waking up next to him.
I have so many things to live for.
And I thank Heavenly Father for allowing me a beautiful day like today to spend with my best friends. Bryce, Smith and Baron.


  1. Beth, You are an inspiration to me! You made me cry after reading your number 4! You are such an amazing Mother and Wife! You sure are qualified! I love you and really hope we can live in Germany together! I miss you!

  2. Beth, if anybody is qualified to be the parents of those two wonderful boys, it's you! You are amazing and I learn so much from your positive attitude - it's contagious. Thanks for being such a great example to me. Enjoy your vacation! :)

  3. Love me a good staycation. Oh how I want gelato now. Happy day for your vacation week!

  4. Oh Beth. I love you!
    Sounds like a wonderful day! Looks like you've been having as beautiful weather as we have in Utah (until the snow today!) You are wonderful Beth don't ever think any different. Heavenly Father loves us so much yeah?!


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