Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pleased to Meet Smith

Here is a Story about
a boy named Smith...

Yes, his first name is Smith and his last name is Taylor, not the other way around. I have had to explain that to many Doctors since little Smithy was born. It starts out with me saying,"Hi I am here for an appointment for Smith Taylor" then they say, "Okay, you can fill this paper work out for Taylor and sign right here." I then say, "No, his first name is Smith," then they say,"Oh, ha ha, I bet you get that all the time!"... then I think,"NO, my friends and family don't call him anything but his first name, "all the time" would imply everyday, but the only time he does have his name messed up is at the doctors, thank you." Okay, that was rude, receptionists are usually very nice and I really think it is FUNNY, that they get his name wrong, no hard feelings, promise. He has a different,distinct, and fun name, just like him, different, distinct, and fun. Smith's birthday is May 9, 2008, that makes him a little over a year now and he still has not rolled over,grabbed for anything, or learned to sit up on his own. He has a rare muscle disorder called Hypotonia, which disables him to use his muscles like most babies learn to do at a much younger age. He has about 10 different therepists working with him every month. Here is a list of some of them.
Paul- Occupational therapist
Kelly- Pysical Therapist
Dr.Sara Winters- Developmental Specialist
Holly- Vision Specialist
Michelle- Speech/language therapist
Dr.Glade- Pediatrition
Dr. forgot his name- Neuroligist
They are all amazing and I have grown a deep appreciation for them.
Last week, Smith had an M.R.I, in which they had to sedate him. Where was this nice little trip to?

PRIMARY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, in Salt Lake City, what an amazing place, there are Pictures painted on the ceiling and walls by children. It eases the pain to see such fun and energetic artwork by thousands of children. I looked up at the cieling in the M.R.I room and there was a painting of a little girl under a rainbow. The girl who painted the picture was maybe 4 years old. Even though the pictures are supposed to ease tension for the children recieving such tramatic procedures, I pictured my self as that little stick figure with a triangle dress standing underneath the rainbow while Little Smith was sedated and put into the large tubular machine to take pictures of his little brain. It is hard to see your baby laying in an odd shaped device with machinery all around. But I knew he was in good hands. I love him, he is my baby, sent to me, from God, from heaven, straight from heaven.


  1. ok, YOU ARE AMAZING. this blog is amazing. i can't wait for your next post. i love the way you write. sometimes i can't get through a post longer than a paragraph, but i was sucked in the entire time. i'm so sad that we didn't get together today. hopefully we can reschedule for another day. i can't wait to chat with you in person. we can come to you too! or you can bring little smithy swimming, whichever:-) brennan had that same bumble bee tape for his IV. i thought it looked like such a cute little cast. i didn't like the IV part, although i know it was good for him, but i did think it looked pretty cute.

  2. Beth. I love your blog and little Smith is sooo cute! At first I thought his little cast was skull and cross bones. lol

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. I'm excited to keep in touch. Love the background!

  4. he is such a sweet little boy. I can't imagine watching my little one with all those machines... you guys are amazing.


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