Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Life, My Love, My Man

This is my first post.... okay, I think I will have to start with my marriage to my Bryce. I love him. He is my hero in every way. I told my Bryce that, "marriage is when life truly started for me, everything before that just made me the person I am for you." And I really do believe that. I love all my friends and family that helped me become the person I am, and they all continue to help me everyday. I think I am going to start my blog with a very dear memory I had with my Bryce about 11 months into our marriage in August of 2007.....
We were at Macaroni Grill...... on date night, I LOVE DATE NIGHT!!!, and my Bryce had just gotten back from a "mini-tour" with his band. In all our 11 months of marriage my Bryce and I had never spent one night away from each other, and my Bryce had been gone for 11 days... which seemed like an eternity to me. So we were devouring each other at the dinner table, little kisses, loud laughs, my head resting on his shoulder, smiling, smiling, smiling, talking, talking, talking, holding hands and eating delicious bread and olive oil. I remember looking at him and thinking how it was possible for me to get along with someone PERFECTLY and have so much fun doing it. After we were done with our meal we were still talking, talking, talking when the waiter squeezed in between us and managed to plop down in front of us a delicious apple desert with two spoons. My Bryce said,"oh, we didn't order this...." Then the waiter leaned in and said in a quiet voice,"I am not supposed to tell you this but a couple here ordered this for you and paid for your meal..." as he walked off I was in shock. My Bryce immediately stood up and scoped the the crowd of people in the restaurant to maybe see if he knew the giver, but no luck, everyone seemed oblivious. My Bryce just shook his head in disbelief and looked at me and kissed me on the forehead then we both smiled and enjoyed our delicious dessert. Now, I don't know why this anonymous couple decided to pay for our meal, maybe it is a tradition of theirs, or maybe they just felt like it, but I like to think it was for a reason.... the reason being LOVE. I could see an older couple, looking at us from their seat, and going back to their early years of marriage, with FULL hearts, wide eyes, young, in love with out a care in the world on a random Friday night. I'd like to think they were touched by our simple love scene and overwhelmed with gratitude for all the years they have had, and decided to "Treat us" on our little night out.

Little did we know that same month the greatest surprise of our lives happened, we found out we were going to have a baby!......and the story begins........


  1. That's so sweet! I love little moments like that! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to follow your blog!

  2. i love your blog! isnt it fun to have things like that happen to you?? there is no way you can deny that Heavenly Father had a small part in that tender mercy!!

  3. Elizabeth Jane I miss your stories already! I can't wait to keep in touch with you this way! I love that your life has gone the way it has you deserve the perfect fairy tale ending!
    (Hna gardner)...from this point on

  4. how fun! it has been way too long since you made me smile:) come visit me

  5. Hi Beth, love the post. It's so fun to read blogs and keep up with everyone's life. We've got one too themedranofamily.blogspot!

  6. ok, i LOVED the way you ended this post. so perfect. DREAMY!!!!!!! so cute that you got such a yummy surprise, well TWO of them;-) i'm so happy to see your blog here and hope you will update it often. and add my button;-) of course!!!

  7. Beth! I found your blog from Emily's and all I have to say is Dang!!! You should totally be like a newspaper columnist or a poet or something. I don't know exactly what but almost every post made me tear up! It is so awesome that you found the man of your dreams and that you have such a special little baby to care for! He couldn't have come to a more perfect family!


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