Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know Smith Feels Love.
Out of all the physical therapy we give him, Bryce and I decided the best therapy we give him is our simple love. Today we gave him a lot of love. Today was a FABULOUS DAY. My husband named it...."Celebration of our love Picnic Day." I know it sounds cheesy, but it's little things like that, that make Bryce.... Bryce. And I love him for it. He is the perfect Best Friend to have when I don't feel like being Joan of Arc, and more like a tired Jane Eyre. He is my knight in Shining Amour. Smith is my little Knight in Shining Amour, and I have faith that one day he will walk up to me and smile and say,"I love you Mom." Every time he uses all the strength he has to roll over (with a little help) he is my little hero. For all you Mom's out there that have a little tike running around or just laying on a blanket in the mean time, I want to tell you that you don't need a ton of credentials. You don't need a thousand books telling you what to do or how to teach your child. The parents I observe that really care for their children are the ones that just love LOVING there child. They don't think,"My Child has only learned to use sign language with 4 things this week, but Betty's child has already learned the alphebet." All I can say to that is,"oh dear," the mother that thinks this has to be some what disconnected to reality. Wake up and realize there are children ( probably like me) that didn't want to learn sign language and wanted to eat dirt instead... is there anything wrong with that? Is she really loving her child, or is she comparing her child? Because if she loved him then she would let him eat dirt and have him stuff her mouth full of dirt sometimes too. Anyway, I love all the Mothers out there that Love there Children. Because isn't that what life is all about?

Here are some pics from the Picnic:

Packing up Mr. Smith... oh WHAt FUn!!

My Sweetie Carrying our Picnic Stuff to the perfect Spot... So pretty

Of Course, eating Delicious Delectable Food.... YummY!!!

Reading books.... we have totally different tastes in reading material...love it.

My little Angel sleeping.... I guess it was too much fun.

We Love Him.....

And Enough said... I love you Bryce.


  1. You two are just darling! Amen for love. Smith is SO darling! How lucky he is to have two amazing parents who love him the real way, the way that counts!

  2. My daughter just watched your video about 20 times. I think she is in love with you. Then she listened to "Sparks" and watched your video again. She asked all about you. She wants to tell you something. Here's Katelyn:

    "I love you and there's a secret that I want to tell you. I am Harry Potter and my mommy is Hermione Granger and my daddy is Ron. Even I like fishies and that's what I love, so I want you to do what I said because it's so fun and I love you."

    Ha! Half of that didn't make any sense. Anyway, I love you too Beth ! I'm so glad that you're blogging.


  3. I love the post. What a fun thing to do on such a great day. I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful picnic. I especially love that baby's smile.

  4. oh beth, it is so easy to compare our children to other children. thank you for the reminder of how important it is to not worry about those things. i love that picture of the three of you on the picnic blanket. it's darling. you are my favorite bethy!

  5. p.s. that sandwhich looks aMAZing. i want one. p.s.s. i want to read that book the time traveler's wife. i just bought two books from costco yesterday: my sister's keeper and lost boys. can't wait to read them, but i'm working on angels and demons for now. are you reading it yet? i want you to read it so you can do my blog bookclub!
    love em

  6. Thanks so much for the reminder, what a good mommy you are!!! Smith is adorable!

  7. you guys are great.... it feels good to have such a large support system from my friends! I love you guys.

  8. Beth I had no idea that Smith was given this challenge. He is such a cute little man, and you are a beautiful mommy and you all make one great little family.. your little video is like a commercial for the perfect little family! and I get the backwards name thing too so don't feel like it is only you Cohen Michael, and Kennedy Michael both have last names for first names and a first name for a last name... I miss your smile Beth!

  9. I love this post...it is too true. you guys are awesome. I feel lucky to be a part of your family.

  10. Oh how I love you Beth! You are an amazing mother! Thank you!

  11. So adorable!!! Smith looked so happy! Miss you guys!


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