Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In a Strawberry Daze

The past week my husband and I decided to sell chocolate dipped strawberries at "Strawberry Days" in Pleasant Grove. Which is the fair. I don't really no why they call it the fair, because the prices seem so Unfair... well, I love the fair. I grew up in a town where the fair was, THE event. The smell of cotton candy, livestock, corn dogs, and occasionally, throw up. That doesn't really sound good does it? It makes a small town feel bigger, and a young girl feel adventurous, hoping to reach the "you have to be this tall to ride" sign one day. My Bryce took me on the zipper one night after we were done loading all of our goodies we didn't want stolen in the car. I screamed the whole time. I loved it! Even Bryce screamed.... of course to freak me out he rattled the cages while we waited for others to board into the horribly unsafe contraption in which we were flying and flipping through the air. Well, we sold a lot of strawberries and had fun doing it! While we sold strawberries during the day, our little one was being babysat. So Bryce and I got to hang out and work side by side. I enjoyed flirting with him and being his co-worker. We had sword fights with the skewers, dare each other to do things, drank lemonade, kiss when no one was looking(at least I think), laugh at each other, do impersonations, talk to people, bring up old memories and just goof off together. One day, in the afternoon, Bryce and I were sitting in our chairs behind our strawberry counter and a woman, with her daughter, who bought strawberries from us the day before, walked up to us and said,"Hi you two, I just wanted my daughter to meet you guys and show her how cute you are with each other, I just wanted her to see what she could have some day." I blushed a little and said how nice it was. It makes me go back to my first post and remember that you never know who is watching you.


My Favorite flavor, Toasted Coconut.....

I love Strawberries!

Which one would you like? Oh, the chocolate graham cracker?...okay!

So Happy!


  1. Those Strawberries look delicious. I'm so glad you and Bryce had a fun time at the Fair. You're so talented with food fixins and fruit.

  2. You are amazing! I'll take one Graham Cracker please! Do you remember when we put lifts in our shoes in Quincy so that we could get on the zipper and then when we got off I threw up all over the grass? Good times! LOVES!!

  3. I want to buy your strawberries!!! YUMMMYYYYYY!!!

  4. oh my gosh, those strawberries look AMAZING!


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