Thursday, July 30, 2009

Art Moves ME

Art, in all forms, is a story.
A story tell itself to your heart and mind individually, differentiating itself by the person who is reading it. That is why I love art. It tells me a story with every piece I see. And in some cases they move me.
This Particular piece I painted myself, for my Brycey. It hangs over our Bed and takes me away to this balcony in a far off land every time I see it.

This is the story:
Once a upon a time.........
Girl (yes, her name is Girl) lived in a tiny shack in the corner of the village Ovorp. Girl was a goose herder by trade and loved tending her geese everyday with care and tried to block out her cruel and demanding boss. Girl lived with three women, Ymma, Yllsha, and Ayl; Ayl and Yllsha owned the tiny house on the corner. Girl and Ymma were best friends. Every night after a long day of work, Ymma and Girl would lay on their beds in their tiny room and talk as if they had been on an adventure that day, since Ovorp was so dusty and brown they pretended to be anywhere but Ovorp. They visited the tops of highest mountains, to the swamps and valleys of the land Zatacony. But their favorite place they spoke of and visited the most, were the Swan Islands. Their minds would be swept away as they described the trees and the smells of the Swan Islands; everything from the vibrant pink sunsets to the warm, clear blue lakes that were filled with floating lillies and dolphins. Now dolphins don't regularly swim in lakes but they did in the Swan Islands because their lakes were like mini oceans, with the floors of the lakes covered in starfish and soft, turquoise sea coral. But when they were, most likely every time, interrupted by Yllsha and Ayl with their high demands and yelling, they were brought back to reality to their dusty brown surrounding. Ymma told Girl,"One day you will find your prince and dance on the castle balconies of the Swan Islands."
On a hot summer day Ymma and Girl were tending the Geese, a dashing, funny, and sweet man named Esirb came to help them.  He said he was sent by Ayl and Yllsha.  Girl was very cautious at first, and didn't completely trust Esirb, but she was suprised how fast she fell in love with him.  He found out through Ymma, Girls' hopes and dreams and Esirb saved every penny in order to take her away to the Swan Islands.  In the middle of the night when the moon was full and high in the sky, he tapped on her window.  She sneakily crept out her window to meet her prince, she wore a large grey cloak and left on a white horsecarriage with Esirb.  But trailing close behind were Yllsha and Ayl.  They didn't want to lose Girl because she paid all their rent.  Then Esirb did something unexpected; he said three words......Shatz, Tesoro, LOVE!!! and off they flew towards the moon and into the lands of Swan Islands. Girl thought," you know magic too!!What a surprise! "
And that night they danced on the castle balconies in the Swan Islands. And lived happily ever after.


  1. I love the painting and the story. Such a creative twist to things :D. See you this weekend!

  2. Your children are fortunate to have all your creative energy surrounding them!


  3. i love that you paint. can't wait to have a beth original on my very own wall. so sad i had to cancel today:-( i'll call you when we get back. aug 14th!

  4. I love that painting! I remember when you were painting it getting it ready for Christmas last year. I was so impressed with your abilities. Wish I could create the beauty that I find around me in a painting. You are such a talented fun person!

  5. ha ha ha ha Beth! I never heard the story of your painting! I love you

  6. Beth, you are so creative! I love the way you write... thanks Bryce for marrying such a great gal so she could be my cousin!


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