Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hubby's and Fathers

My hubby did something worth writing about.
He decided to take our little Smith on a father-son-outing.
Just him and Smith.
Smith cannot walk, he cannot talk, he cannot move like most little ones his age.  But my Bryce, despite of what Smith can and cannot do, wanted to take him to the place that he loves second most to the home.  
The Golf course.
I was nervous as I saw them drive off together because frankly I had never let just Smith and Daddy go alone, I was thinking about sharp turns that could be taken in the golf cart, or Smith getting too hot or too cold..... you know, crazy Motherly instincts we all have felt.  But over all, I felt at peace.  Knowing that Bryce really wanted to take him, just him, and spend some one on one time with his son, made me rejoice in Hubby's and Fathers.
Husbands are wonderful in themselves.  They are there to hold you when you feel bad, they are there to kiss you on the forehead when you need comfort, they are there to smile at you when you have done good, they are there to play with you when you feel playful, they are there to love you all the time-despite that time of the month thing.  And then you throw being a father in the mix.....SEXY!  They have a whole new level of WONDERUL.  You get to watch your hubby play with your children,  hold those little wonders in their big arms, read them stories when he could be reading sports or the news,  talk to them with a soft voice when normally they could sound manly, they have a whole new aura about them when they become fathers, and all you mothers can identify with this-they become more attractive, more manly, more gentle, more heroic, more of a.... A MAN.


  1. I Loved the video at the end. What a fun time Bryce was able to have with his adorable boy. It was so much fun chatting with you Beth while we were visiting. Thanks for listening to my craziness and thoughts.

  2. how funny!!! all i have to say is that bryce is awesome! remember when you two were dating and he would come in your apt the weekend i met him and every time he would see me he would give me a big hug and say "katie, it has been so long!!" and would hug me for like 3 minutes....that crazy boy!

  3. i totally agree!! And i love the little video!!!

  4. What a great dad! Smith is such a sweet baby! You can tell he is happy!

  5. ok, that is so cute! sean is amazing at giving me a break with brennan, but i don't think he's taken him away somewhere like that before. how darling. miss you. we go to rexburg this weekend and then sean starts school so we'll have to get together after that:-)


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