Thursday, August 20, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing for sure.......
I love the taste, the smell, the sight, the sound, and my favorite - the process of making it edible, i.e. cooking. I can spend hours in the bathtub (while Smith is napping) getting lost in a cook book or one of my subscriptions to "Cuisine at Home". What can I say... I am unalterably addicted to cooking. I can't help it. But it helps me.

Cooking sweeps me away into another dimension. I find the world around me doesn't exist anymore and I am concentrating and figuring out the the PERFECT amount of spice to add to a signature dish. And when my taste buds finally reach satisfaction and bliss, THAT, my friends, is when I can serve it to you, plated and hot.

I was thinking about making a separate blog about COOKING my culinary creations, but I decided that is one thing Bryce's Wifey does best, and happily so.  So Do not be surprised to see a recipe that will knock your socks off every once in a while. But that brings me to a funny story.
My mom raised me on the phrase, "only boring people get bored." The first year of my Little Smith's life was a hard one, an amazing one, but a hard one. So while his little head would go to dream land during the bright afternoons, I would be up and around my house to entertain my self. I would paint, not often enough, read, talk on the phone, and...... enter recipe contests. 

Entering the contests was mostly a fun thing and I didn't think anything would come from it. I entered a recipe contest in November of 2008 for "Mama Mary's Pizza Creations Contest." By the time March of 2009 came, entering the pizza contest was the furthest thing from my mind, but it was closer than I thought. I recieved a small manilla envelope from spartan foods, so I opened it and to my surprise I won! My "Three cheese Hawaiin pizza with red bellpepper alfredo" won! I got a year supply of free pizza crust coupons, and........ get this.... a coffee maker. YEAH!! The proud owner of the coffee maker is now my sister Laura who lives in Atlanta, thanks Lo. But anyway.  It just goes to show, sometimes your talents can really add up to something.  And maybe that something will land  you free pre-cooked pizza dough that is ready for toppings and a hot oven.   And really, enough coupons for a lifetime.... anyone want some?


  1. You can catch a big pizza offer buy one get one pizza free at Bellacinos pizza and grinder.

  2. I'm super excited to see recipes throughout your blog. It'll be so good. I love learning new recipes because I get into the same old routine of dinner so that'll be great to read over something new from time to time.

    If you're really interested in reading something I've written I don't mine emailing you something. Just let me know for sure :)

  3. yes martha! I do want to read your stuff!

  4. I love your goals. Don't get discourage though if you don't finish them by the end of the years since the year is almost over. I find that making goals is good but getting discouraged when I don't finish them isn't good. So do the best you can and document them on your blog :D. I'll email you a writing sample directly to your email address.

  5. Beth- first, You ROCK! The pizza sounds FAB-U-LOUS! Second, oh how I feel the same exact way!! FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! Cooking is such an important part of how I express myself and how I live! Did I tell you that I just started a food/cooking blog? I haven't done much yet, just trying to get settled in to PROVO and then hopefully do more. I miss you, lets cook soon! Love you! I am calling you tomorrow!

  6. and when i'm around you, my appetite increases in size!!!

  7. Bring on the recipes! The other night I made baked salmon for dinner and peach cobbler. It was de-LISH! Maybe I'll post the recipes tomorrow.


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