Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Comparing Disease


Dear Women,

Hello all you beautiful creatures of this beautiful earth.  
I ask you all a simple question.
Do you like yourself?
If you answered no, then I hope this letter will help you.  If you answered yes, then this letter is especially directed to you.
I am going to tell a little story about Trianna.

Trianna is a beautiful woman who lives by her self on the island of Mooma.  She was sent a nice young man to be her companion and she had some beautiful babies with him.  
She never thought twice about her beauty.  
She didn't know that other women existed.  Until one day, two women around her same age were plopped down on the island.  
She noticed they did things different.  
One of the woman had red hair and had pale beautiful skin.  One of the women had brown hair that was curly, she had beautiful brown skin.  Trianna thought there was something wrong with her.  They cleaned differently and more frequent then Trianna.  So Trianna worked extra hard to clean like the two new beauties on the island.  She found red berries in the bushes and tried to die her hair like the red heads hair.  She noticed that the curly haired brunette had a six pack and calf definition.  So she tried swimming and running as much as she could.  All the while her children and her husband were telling her she was beautiful the way she was, and loved her unique domestic skills.  THey told her to stop COMPARING!!!!  But she never did and spent her whole life being consumed by the comparing disease.    

Okay, Sad story.  Right?
I live in Utah.
I love Utah.  Beautiful Country.
But I see more of the comparing disease here then anywhere.  EVER!
As women we have got to stop.  We have got to embrace our uniqueness and love ourselves with greater passion.  When we find ourselves, who we are as individuals, we then can find peace.   And others will feel your inner peace and desire to be around you because they won't feel this competitive spirit around you.  
It brings me to one of my favorite SCRIPTURES.

Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Couldn't have said it better!
So to all you women who are reading this.  You ARE more precious than rubies.  You are not to be compared to.  
Accept that you are a beautiful and unique person.  When you start to compare is when you become the norm.  Be different and blaze your own trail.  Don't be Mormon Barbie...or just Barbie in general.  I love you all.


  1. beth, you are the greatest. so glad we have been friends over the years so i could learn this from you in my toughest times!!! YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT;-) oh dear, those dang "little birdies." loved this post. must link you to my page tomorrow for it. calling you now, must hang.
    love em

  2. I couldn't have put it any better. Don't worry the disease is down here in AZ as well. I'm so glad you posted a post like this. I know we all get infected from time to time, but we can overcome it by just accepting those things that make us who we are and not being so discouraged about the things we can't change or control. I love it. Again, you are such an example to me and I'm so glad we're sisters (by law) :D.

  3. beth, you are so right! thank you for posting this. so many women try to look and be something they aren't, they just need to accept their own beauty and who they are and not try to look like someone else. :) it is here in lake oswego, too. :)
    and p.s. thank you for your super kind post on my blog. you are so cute! thanks for brightening my day! you can check out my blog any old time you want! :) take care sweetie!

  4. Yep...It's here in SoCal, too. Big Time!! Thanks for the story Beth. I love your blogging, but it makes me miss you. I wish you lived closer!

  5. oh the disease I guess has spread and gone air born!


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