Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner at Midnight

I haven't eaten dinner at midnight since crazy nights with roommates at the rain tree apartments and probably other fun times with all my Chico friends as well. Anyway, my Bryce and I were unpacking all of our BOXES AND BOXES AND BOXES of stuff and I realized my tummy was rumbling for some food and my Bryce was pretty hungry too. As all of you well know, I love cooking and so my kitchen, of course, was the first thing to get completely established. Some set up the bedroom because they want a cozy place to sleep, some the bathroom so it wont feel so foreign, but me, I chose the kitchen to make my domain first. So I was all geared up to make my very first meal in my very first house.
We only had food that we brought over from the apartment. Good, a challenge.

So I mustered up Italian Rice with Cranberry Bourbon Steaks. It took me a little while to come up with a savory meal that sounded appetizing at 12 in the morning. A success! It tasted rich and delicious, especially after packing and unpacking and loading and unloading. I also bought some items at good ole' D.I. and "refurbished"... I had so much fun refurbishing old things and make them my own creation.

Now I wake up to the sound of whistling leaves on trees and birds, oh the beautiful birds!, and I must say, I do love it here. I really do.

Oh and by the way, I saw the movie "500 days of summer" with my best friend Courtney Lee Jones (C-Jones). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the soundtrack. Especially the song "sweet disposition." For those of you who appreciate clean flicks I would wait to see it on there, but it is definitely worth the wait. I loved it.


  1. That was a cute song. Who is that guy in the movie? He looks like Doogie Howser, or the guy from Blue's Clues. It will bother me all day. :)

  2. Oh Dana... you are so cute! The guy in the movie is the guy from 10 things I hate about you...the one that was obsessed with Bianca. I hadn't seen him in anything else and then boom.. he popped up in this movie, he did a really good job. He was also the kid in Angels in the outfield.

  3. I can't wait to see pics of the house Beth. I'm so happy for your little family. You're such a creative woman! Love ya cuz :)

  4. Hi Beth, It is about midnight, but I find myself caught up in reading blogs that I haven't read for quite some time. You are the best! I love watching you me the mother of little Smithie.

    Eventhough it is late, you have lifted me. You and Bryce are amazing.

    I love you all!

    I love that you have a little home. I will never forget the day we had a little home. I never felt it was a house, but a home, warm, comfy, and full of love.


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