Thursday, October 22, 2009


When you have a back yard you decide to do funny things. Like hang your clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer. When I was serving my mission for the LDS church in the lovely Canary Islands, I never dried my clothes in the dryer, WHY? Because the people NEVER use them or own them for that matter. So you would see balconies of apartments chalk full of drying racks. I grew to appreciate dryers very quickly, BUT, today I wanted to hang my clothes dry. It was so fun and Smith liked it too.

Little Smith.

My Bryce wrote a song for Smith the other day, and as he was playing it I was holding that little bundle of joy in my arms and rocking him. I love Smith the way he is, and I accept how ever he turns out. HE saw the Geneticist, he is seeing the G.I. specialist, and he has a spinal tap coming soon. He has already gone through so much for such a young little boy. If any of you know Smith you know he has the sweetest spirit, as you hold him you feel heaven all around you. I get to feel heaven every day. I am lucky. Thanks Heavenly Father.


  1. i can't stand how DARLING this picture is. please frame it immediately! and then invite us over to your backyard for pumpkin carving:-)

  2. I love this post. I totally to should try hanging our clothes out to dry. It's great weather all year round and that would totally save us a little on the energy bill. :D

    Love the picture as well. Too Cute!

  3. I miss that too! (hated it at the time, but miss the smell of lined dried clothes)
    I love the picture also, you always look amazing!

  4. This picture made me miss you three too much! I loved hanging out my clothes to dry. So conservative! I love it!


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