Monday, November 2, 2009

Stephanie Nielson

I read the Nie Nie Dialogues.

And I love them.

For all of you who do love the Nie Nie Dialogues then you love the author of them.

Stephanie Nielson.

I have a little story to tell.

My Bryce and I were driving back home tonight from Grandma Smith's (you know, Monday night we always have family home evening with her) and my Bryce said, "Oh, we need to get some Milk." He innocently said we would go to Allen's, but I suggested we just stop by the BYU creamery instead because it was right on our way. He agreed. He dropped me off to go in the store while he waited in the parking lot for me. And I don't know why I thought this, but as I walked in the creamery I thought,"What if Nie Nie was in here right now?" I walked straight to the milk and guess who was right next to the milk? Stephanie Nielson. I am not a star struck person and if I saw Cameron Diaz in a store I would probably not say anything to her and tell everyone about it. But Nie Nie is different. I basically read her blog every week and when she was in Coma I read her blog archives and it really genuinely inspired me to be a better mom and wife.

So I decided to just do it. I wanted to thank her. I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder and as soon as I started to talk tears welled up in my eyes and I could hardly muster up a word. So I said, with a shaky voice, tears, and a deep breath.

"Hi Stephanie, I just wanted to tell you I read your blog, and thank you so much....." cry cry cry.

Guess what that Angel did? She gave me a big hug. Not just an acquaintance side obligation hug. It was a warm nice sweet embrace. And of course it made me cry more. Then she said

"Thank you so much, I was having a bad day, so I really needed that."

Oh my gosh could this woman be more of a saint? She is amazing, seriously.

Then she asked me my name. I said,"Beth", then she repeated it and said,"Thanks Beth."

"No, Thank you Stephanie Nielson."

I walked to the front of the store, bought my milk and hurried in the car. My sweet Bryce was confused why I came back with milk and a puffy tear filled face! I told him what happened and he smiled and said,"that's awesome sweetheart."

It was awesome. And now, I'd like to think we are friends. She is nicer then you would ever imagine.

Thanks Stephanie.


  1. Wow, that's so neat! I have loved nienie's blog and inspiration, too. Did you see her on Oprah? I thought she was so full of grace. I'm glad you said hi to her!

  2. Stephanie inspires me, too. I also read her archives while she was in a coma, and I realized I wasn't allowing myself to enjoy my life as much as I should. I've learned so much from her. Every now and then I send her email to try to tell her thank you. Emphasis on "try". I think she is an angel. I'm happy you met her and brightened her day.

  3. sigh. incredibly coveting your nie experience;-) so excited that you got to meet her.

  4. You are such a sweetheart Bethers! Crazy that you thought that she might be in there.

  5. Em emailed me and told me to come visit and see your Nie experience. She was right, it did make me cry. I am so jealous of you, and glad for you at the same time. I know she is a bit of a celebrity now, but only because she is so incredible. You have lived my dream. One day I will get to meet her. I am determined. In the meantime, I will just live vicariously through you, as you are now her new friend.

  6. That is awesome, I could just picture her giving you a big hug, thanks for sharing. I cried just reading your post, I'm not sure what I would do if I met her face to face!

  7. i can't believe you met her!! i am sooo jealous! that is so awesome! :) i also, teared up just reading your post. she is amazing...

  8. Hi, I'm a friend of Stacy Norris and she posted about nienie and I told her much I've wanted to meet her and how devastated I was when she invited everyone to hike the Y with her on her one year anniversary. I was devastated because we live in California and I would LOVE to be able to hug her like you were able to. She's one incredible woman and I do envy your experience to be able to see her face to face. I want to tell her how beautiful she is and how brave and strong...but I would probably just cry the way you did. Thanks for sharing this and I hope your little boy is okay, I hope they figure out what's going on.

  9. It's amazing how many of us love Nie Nie's posts and how inspirational she is. What a beautiful experience. Another amazing thing is that you are just as beautiful and one day someone will want to hug you for all you do in life for little Smithy, your husband, and everyone else. You are an beautiful person.

  10. Hi Beth, I don't know why or how I got here but I too love Nie Nie, and cried when I read your post. TFS such a warm story of you and that awesome girl! She is a saint and here for a BIG reason, look how she has changed so many of our lives. Enjoy your day....Donna


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