Monday, November 2, 2009


Confession #1- I have only taken baths since I moved into the new house. I know some are not Bath people, but I definitely am.

Confession #2- I started listening to Christmas Music. I once had a conversation with a close friend and she said she hated it
when people started to celebrate Christmas as early as September. Well, my friend, I might not have started
decorating right now, but I am enjoying Mo Tab's Handel's Messiah and Amy Grant's Christmas and I love Chris
Martin's version of "Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" There is so much beautiful Christmas Music out there!!

Okay, so my confession session is over but I have a story that combines them both together. I was taking a bath while little Smithy was sleeping and I put in the "Little Women" soundtrack. Oh dear. Amazing. I closed my eyes and smiled. Of course my thoughts took me to the beautifully made movie that I was basically raised on. I remember sitting next to the fire place at 1082 Via Verona Dr. Chico, CA on a Sunday afternoon, curled up in a blanket watching Winona Rider play the roll of Jo March and crying when Claire Danes, who plays Beth, dies, and always getting mad that Jo March didn't say yes to Laurie. Then I thought I have 3 sisters, which makes four of us. And there are four little women. Four of them, four of us. So I decided to say who each of my sisters would be and why.

Amy- Definitely Laura. Amy is eccentric and adventurous. She loves to socialize and wants to be involved. She is also very
Creative and fun.

Beth- Defintely Megan. She is more reserved and a little shy, loves to play the piano and is very sweet.

Jo- Not only is she my favorite character, but I relate with her the most. She loves to write fantasy and is curious of the
unkown. She loves to have fun. So Me!

Meg- Aubrey. She is responsible, mindful of everyone, she thinks about what is the best for those she knows. And is has
extremely good etiquette.

So those are my sisters. I love them. We, are all very different, but we all love each other.

Me and my sisters........
my wonderful sister in law
Alyssa is the one furthest on the left.
It goes Laura, Me, Aubrey, Meg.


  1. What a cute bunch of sisters you are! I loved Little Women, too. I can't tell you how many times I read that book as a child.


    PS. I've always identified with Jo as well.

  2. Thanks Beth! I'm glad you think that I'm mindful of other people. Sometimes I don't always feel like I'm the best person I can be, but I try. Thanks for being the wonderful uplifting sister that you are. I love you!

  3. Beth you are great, and definitely don't feel bad about the Christmas music. I love listening to Christmas music! I personally love Jewel's Christmas CD.

  4. confession: i started listening to christmas music yesterday while working on primary stuff for sunday. i have this "martini merry christmas" cd i'm bringing on tuesday that you're going to love!!!


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