Friday, June 26, 2009

One of our cars is dead.
It just sits there, sad and lonely.
But, there is still stuff, good stuff, locked in the trunk of the dead car.
So one, not so sunny, afternoon, I went out to the dead car to see if I could somehow open the trunk with the old keys. With no avail, it would not budge. But, as I was walking back into my house, I was looking at the key chains and I noticed a key chain I had never before seen. I stopped and looked at it. It was brass/gold looking, with engravings and a little carving of Jesus' face. I read the engravings. It said,"BE GLAD FOR I AM IN YOUR MIDST."
I stopped.
I pondered.
I said it in my head about 3 or 4 more times,"be glad for I am in your midst."
Whatever negative, or stressful thoughts were swarming in my head at that moment or moments ago.....were gone. I was completely at peace, the kind of peace that is glad, with a slight smile on my face. To "BE GLAD". Being glad is a whole different emotion about life. The definition of Glad is :showing or causing joy and pleasure; especially made happy.
And all because He is in our midst.
His very presence causes a reason to be glad.
He is watching over us.
He is with us.
He wants us to be glad because he can lift any burden, ease any pain, love unconditionally, heal, bless, and be a comforting friend.
And that is something to "be glad" about.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

In a Strawberry Daze

The past week my husband and I decided to sell chocolate dipped strawberries at "Strawberry Days" in Pleasant Grove. Which is the fair. I don't really no why they call it the fair, because the prices seem so Unfair... well, I love the fair. I grew up in a town where the fair was, THE event. The smell of cotton candy, livestock, corn dogs, and occasionally, throw up. That doesn't really sound good does it? It makes a small town feel bigger, and a young girl feel adventurous, hoping to reach the "you have to be this tall to ride" sign one day. My Bryce took me on the zipper one night after we were done loading all of our goodies we didn't want stolen in the car. I screamed the whole time. I loved it! Even Bryce screamed.... of course to freak me out he rattled the cages while we waited for others to board into the horribly unsafe contraption in which we were flying and flipping through the air. Well, we sold a lot of strawberries and had fun doing it! While we sold strawberries during the day, our little one was being babysat. So Bryce and I got to hang out and work side by side. I enjoyed flirting with him and being his co-worker. We had sword fights with the skewers, dare each other to do things, drank lemonade, kiss when no one was looking(at least I think), laugh at each other, do impersonations, talk to people, bring up old memories and just goof off together. One day, in the afternoon, Bryce and I were sitting in our chairs behind our strawberry counter and a woman, with her daughter, who bought strawberries from us the day before, walked up to us and said,"Hi you two, I just wanted my daughter to meet you guys and show her how cute you are with each other, I just wanted her to see what she could have some day." I blushed a little and said how nice it was. It makes me go back to my first post and remember that you never know who is watching you.


My Favorite flavor, Toasted Coconut.....

I love Strawberries!

Which one would you like? Oh, the chocolate graham cracker?...okay!

So Happy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know Smith Feels Love.
Out of all the physical therapy we give him, Bryce and I decided the best therapy we give him is our simple love. Today we gave him a lot of love. Today was a FABULOUS DAY. My husband named it...."Celebration of our love Picnic Day." I know it sounds cheesy, but it's little things like that, that make Bryce.... Bryce. And I love him for it. He is the perfect Best Friend to have when I don't feel like being Joan of Arc, and more like a tired Jane Eyre. He is my knight in Shining Amour. Smith is my little Knight in Shining Amour, and I have faith that one day he will walk up to me and smile and say,"I love you Mom." Every time he uses all the strength he has to roll over (with a little help) he is my little hero. For all you Mom's out there that have a little tike running around or just laying on a blanket in the mean time, I want to tell you that you don't need a ton of credentials. You don't need a thousand books telling you what to do or how to teach your child. The parents I observe that really care for their children are the ones that just love LOVING there child. They don't think,"My Child has only learned to use sign language with 4 things this week, but Betty's child has already learned the alphebet." All I can say to that is,"oh dear," the mother that thinks this has to be some what disconnected to reality. Wake up and realize there are children ( probably like me) that didn't want to learn sign language and wanted to eat dirt instead... is there anything wrong with that? Is she really loving her child, or is she comparing her child? Because if she loved him then she would let him eat dirt and have him stuff her mouth full of dirt sometimes too. Anyway, I love all the Mothers out there that Love there Children. Because isn't that what life is all about?

Here are some pics from the Picnic:

Packing up Mr. Smith... oh WHAt FUn!!

My Sweetie Carrying our Picnic Stuff to the perfect Spot... So pretty

Of Course, eating Delicious Delectable Food.... YummY!!!

Reading books.... we have totally different tastes in reading it.

My little Angel sleeping.... I guess it was too much fun.

We Love Him.....

And Enough said... I love you Bryce.

Monday, June 1, 2009

There are all types of kisses.
I will name a few:
Gross down your throat
Awkward head tilting
First kiss jitters
Gotta Run
Love ya
Real Deep Genuine Love

There are a million more, but I am going to write about the "real deep genuine love" kiss, once upon a time.....
"Mom", I said with a questionable tone.
"Yes, what's up?" she answered.
"I started dating this boy, his name is Bryce, and him and I get along SOOO amazingly it's crazy, but I don't know if "it" is there"....
Before I go on further with the story, I have to explain what "it" is. "It" is everything! It's the passion, the romance, the attraction, the desire to be with the other person. If "it" is not there, sorry, then there is nothing. It was Christmas of 2005 and I had gone on 3 dates with Bryce Hal Taylor. I was visiting my Mom in Cedar City and I was feeling confused of how I was actually feeling for him. I had never felt more comfort and ease around a boy like I had around Bryce. I had never laughed so genuinely hard in my life, been spiritually fed, and had such a great time....but. I still didn't know if "it" was there. My mothers response was different then she had ever given me.
"Kiss him, and you'll know." she said.
This was not typical advise from my Mother, so I decided to rise to the challenge and give it a go.
My Bryce called me on my way back to Provo, Utah, and asked me on a date to watch "almost famous" and eat popcorn. I was excited to see him. We ended up watching the movie and playing thumb war, and during a very serious thumb war tournament, he got close to pulling me in and kissing me, but I shied away and laughed it off. It was time to take me home and we got in his car and he started to drive me to my house which was maybe 5 miles away. On the way he had me pick out a CD and I picked "Parachutes" by Coldplay. He looked at me, and smiled. He skipped to the song "Sparks" (Which is Our Song and please listen to it if you feel like being swept away for a minute or two). All of a sudden he pulled over the car to the side of the road about 2 miles from my destination. I was wondering what had happened, I really didn't know what was going on, I was clueless. And I looked over at him. Then he looked at me. Then he looked at his steering wheel. Then I looked down, then quickly back. Then his eyes met mine. Mine met his. He starting leaning towards me. I started leaning towards him. A perfect head tilt. Eyes closed and then.... the perfect kiss. The Perfect Kiss. "It" was there! I was drawn to him, the passion, the desire, the attraction, it was all there!

Now I get a chance to experience those kisses everyday. Kissing is important. I love kissing. I love the painting "the kiss" by Klimt.

It moves me everytime I see it.

My favorite kiss in a film Is the Kiss by Mr. Rochester and Jane Erye in the BBC mini series movie. I guess it is my favorite because they are best friends and they have so much passion for each other. YOU SHOULD SKIP TO 4:10. (4 minutes and 10 seconds into the clip)

If you wanna know if he loves you's in his kiss, thats where it is.
And now I get to know he loves me, everyday.