Thursday, October 22, 2009


When you have a back yard you decide to do funny things. Like hang your clothes up to dry instead of using the dryer. When I was serving my mission for the LDS church in the lovely Canary Islands, I never dried my clothes in the dryer, WHY? Because the people NEVER use them or own them for that matter. So you would see balconies of apartments chalk full of drying racks. I grew to appreciate dryers very quickly, BUT, today I wanted to hang my clothes dry. It was so fun and Smith liked it too.

Little Smith.

My Bryce wrote a song for Smith the other day, and as he was playing it I was holding that little bundle of joy in my arms and rocking him. I love Smith the way he is, and I accept how ever he turns out. HE saw the Geneticist, he is seeing the G.I. specialist, and he has a spinal tap coming soon. He has already gone through so much for such a young little boy. If any of you know Smith you know he has the sweetest spirit, as you hold him you feel heaven all around you. I get to feel heaven every day. I am lucky. Thanks Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner at Midnight

I haven't eaten dinner at midnight since crazy nights with roommates at the rain tree apartments and probably other fun times with all my Chico friends as well. Anyway, my Bryce and I were unpacking all of our BOXES AND BOXES AND BOXES of stuff and I realized my tummy was rumbling for some food and my Bryce was pretty hungry too. As all of you well know, I love cooking and so my kitchen, of course, was the first thing to get completely established. Some set up the bedroom because they want a cozy place to sleep, some the bathroom so it wont feel so foreign, but me, I chose the kitchen to make my domain first. So I was all geared up to make my very first meal in my very first house.
We only had food that we brought over from the apartment. Good, a challenge.

So I mustered up Italian Rice with Cranberry Bourbon Steaks. It took me a little while to come up with a savory meal that sounded appetizing at 12 in the morning. A success! It tasted rich and delicious, especially after packing and unpacking and loading and unloading. I also bought some items at good ole' D.I. and "refurbished"... I had so much fun refurbishing old things and make them my own creation.

Now I wake up to the sound of whistling leaves on trees and birds, oh the beautiful birds!, and I must say, I do love it here. I really do.

Oh and by the way, I saw the movie "500 days of summer" with my best friend Courtney Lee Jones (C-Jones). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and I enjoyed the soundtrack. Especially the song "sweet disposition." For those of you who appreciate clean flicks I would wait to see it on there, but it is definitely worth the wait. I loved it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I am a slacker in the Web World... but the real world I have been rather BUSY.

I am moving.

We are no longer basement apartment dwellers. When Bryce and I first married we managed a bed and breakfast and lived in the basement. I have nothing but fond memories of that little apartment. As my Bryce and I set up the rooms for the guests we would put cold sparkling drinks in each room and flirt and chase each other around the Mansion. Sometimes when no guests were there we would dwell upstairs and turn the fire place on and pretend we were Mr. and Mrs. Hines (it was called the Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast) and play checkers in the front room. I loved that place. Then we moved to Bryce's Parents basement apartment to save $$. And we did. That is why we are moving. And I am so excited!!!!

No more footsteps above our heads, and window wells.

The house was built in 1944, is white with blue shutters, and has grape vines in the back yard. There is room for a herb garden and the house has wood floors through out.

Here are some ideas I have for decorating.
I like these wall papers

and I like this area rug because it tells a story
I love love love this couch

I like this wall

I like these pillows too.....

Of course these things are on my wish list. The rug however is from that dang cute store called Anthropologie, I believe it was around 1000 u.s. dollars. But I might find something close to it for less? Who knows. Doing the decor of a house is very satisfying and it's fun to make a house into a home. I love things that brighten and beautify. Moving here we come!