Sunday, October 30, 2011


Does anyone remember Gak?
The older kids play dough. This post has nothing to do gak, but I did run into some yaks the other day and it made me think of gak and how silly that stuff is.....anyway, Smith and I were on an explorers walk when we heard cowbells in the distance, me, thinking it was cows got excited and told Smith "we are going to see some cows Smith!" And then we turned the corner and it turned out to be Yaks! I just had to laugh because seeing a yak on a walk is the last thing to expect. Smith liked them, I put Smith really close to one to see if Smith would get scared but he just smiled and laughed.
Also I got some knew head shots for America's Top next Model. I am going to be submitting them of Bryce. Which one do you think is the best?


  1. hahahahah! okay, those pics of bryce are HILARIOUS!!!

  2. The third shot is the best, with the part.

  3. I like the 4th one where he combed his hair to look like a yak. cknight

  4. I thought you named Bryce,Gak since he looks like the Yak without the horns. It is pretty silly. It's hard to vote. They are all very individualistic. It's my new word after seeing the Top Model Shots. Dad votes #2. Anonymous is me since I can't comment on my gmail.

  5. ah ha ha ha ha ha! Oh Bryce. We miss you guys


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